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Posted: 16/08/2011 in Ramblings

You can feel it happening, can’t you? I can. Especially this morning. The air. It smells different. It had the typical early morning chill, but with something different. Something electric. It’s coming. It may be a bit early for some of you, but a lover like myself can sense it. The fall is coming. Not the full blown season I have come to love, but the early traces. The summer still has some kick left, but soon it will be September. Roughly two weeks until the month starts and many of you kiddies go back to school. I’m a bit biased to the season. I have always loved it and I was lucky enough to grow up in a part of the world that has the historical harvest season.

I grew up in the Hudson Valley region of New York. As of this writing, I still reside there. For what little time I have left in my home state. You see, I am moving to New England at the end of the month. Massachusetts to be more specific. It’s great to live where you get to see all of the seasons. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Summer. The only thing that I hate is the heat. I wish every day could be a maximum of 78 Fahrenheit. The Sping is nice, if only for the rain. Nothing is better than a nighttime Thunderstorm. The rain and the wind makes excellent ambient noise. Winter is beautiful. I love the cold and I often sleep with my window cracked a bit. I love stretching my arm past the warm barrier under my blanket and feeling the cold bed.

After an ice-storm the world seems a bit magical. Well, except for the roads with murderous intent. And the back-breaking shoveling. In that aspect, I wish it would snow once, but stay cold enough that it didn’t melt or freeze. Just beautifully preserved snow-ball-quality snow. Most of you who live in warm temperatures don’t know that about snow. Not all of it is good for snowball fights. Some of it has the consistency of wet diaper fillings. That, my friend is slush. It is heavy and a heartless bitch. You also have the light ice-shaving quality of flurries. That turns everything into a frozen sandstorm. Then, you have the worst of it all. Freezing rain. Like I mentioned, these ice-storms make the world look magical. But for the first 14 hours after they stop, they do nothing buy cause branches and power lines to sag under their own weight, rooftops to crumble, and cars to skid off the road into groups of children playing in their winter wonderland. Fuck the winter. Screw Summer. And that cheerful rainy Spring can kill itself. Fall is my time of year.

It isn’t the color. The leaves look magnificent, don’t get me wrong. Nor is it the whole ā€œEVERYTHING IS DYING!!!ā€ aspect either. That is childish. I don’t care for the mysticism associated with the season either, though some nights, you can definitely feel it. I just love the memories associated with it and the fact that it is the only season where it is socially acceptable to try to scare the hell out of small children. You try that shit in the spring and your a menace. In the summer and your crazy. You just seem like you haven’t looked at a calender if you do it in the winter. It really is a great season. It gets chilly, but not cold. You smell the faint hint of a fireplace in the crisp air. You don’t have to deal with all of the bugs. And a rainstorm is rare. Though, nothing is better than a Autumn rainstorm. The days are short as it is, but when those clouds come and make everything darker and it drizzles? The wet leaves are a bit much, but it is one of the most deliciously depressing events known to man. You can curl up with a good book and some tea like a pussy (I still do it now and then), or you can make a nice pot of home-made beef stew/chicken and rice soup and watch a few horror films.

Of course, Autumn also gives us the best holiday in the world for anyone over the age of 15. Halloween. We all know what that means. Pumpkin carving (and roasted pumpkin seeds), haunted houses, the sight of kids in their costumes, and of course, parties. Now, I have to admit. The fiancee does enjoy trick or treating and I can’t blame her. She is a kid at heart. It is one of the things that I love about her. She also gets scared when watching horror films and often covers her face with a pillow. How novel is that?! But, when Halloween roles around she turns into a completely different person. She knows that this is my holiday. My season. She enjoys it as well, but not to the extent that I do.

You need to jam a lot of stuff into Autumn (Ha). Things you can’t do in other seasons. You can’t go pumpkin or apple picking. You can’t go to farms and watch them harvest various vegetables. Going to a haunted house is also a seasonal thing(Especially now that Skull Kingdom has been dead for a few years now. Sure, there are places where you can go to a haunted house year round, and I thank them for keeping the faith, but it isn’t the same). You can’t go through a corn maze or get a decent Apple cider. Not to mention, the lack of freshly made cinnamon donuts and good kettle corn.

It is just a magnificent time. We are only given a few of them to enjoy before the rides over. Some less than others. This is my 25th. I hope to enjoy at least seventy more. Granted, it will be a sad day when my only costume choices are Grandpa for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Crypt Keeper, but at least I’ll be able to smell the air, and experience all of the great things about the seasonal. Hopefully I’ll be able to hear the rustle of the leaves and the laughter and screams. And my eyes might be old and worn, but I bet I’ll still be able to see the costumes, watch my favorite genre of films and see the leaves change color. As I get older now, I start to see things I didn’t when I was younger. I see the frustration, but also love, on the faces of parents as they bring their kids to various events. I also see couples having a great time. Whoever gave Summer the monopoly on love is retarded. Sure, it should be enjoyed by the young, but there is more heartache in summer. Autumn is filled with new love (school kids) and new experiences with significant others.

I know this is a bit more heartfelt than anything you have read from me, but I’m a sentimental man. Autumn holds a ton of memories, both good and annoying. I get excited this time of year. Which is strange for someone as jaded as myself. I hate humanity a bit less, and I actually smile. I’m not so pensive of brooding. I have a good time and go out of my way to make sure the people around me do as well. Strange, isn’t it?

Don’t worry. I’ll make it up to you with my next blog post. I have a bit of a present. It is a list, but one all of you can use. Until then, why don’t you share you favorite season and why in the comments section? Or you could all make me look like a right cunt by not posting anything at all.


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