Finding My Inner “Blogger”

Posted: 27/08/2011 in Ramblings

I just deleted about three paragraphs of mindless drivel. What was it? It was me attempting to find my place in the blogging community. It’s strange. I was recently banned from a horror community I was a member of for six years. I’m not sad, or angry. I am actually quite happy about it. I was banned for having a bit of fun with the other members. Despite my knowledge of the subject, and the amount of people I conversed with on a regular basis, I just couldn’t ignore stupid and ignorant posts. Which lead to some arguments over the years, well, more than “some.” I would say that out of the 14,000 posts I accumulated in six years, at least 9,000 of them were me “arguing with someone. These conflicts would usually be me pointing out how they were wrong and backing up my statements with facts in support, and the other party refusing to see reason.

The only thing I regret is the lost time and energy. As anyone of my friends on that site can tell you, I spent MANY nights over the years actively trying to get banned. I don’t know why. Maybe it was because if I left (like I had a few times) with my account open, I would be too tempted to return. Who knows? I have all of those posts, all that time evolving my opinions and honing my debating skills and for what? The internet is a large place and even though that site has well over 80,000 registered users, it all fell on deaf ears. I’m just another screen name anywhere else. I may have been the last remnant of a bygone era on that site, a legend (my ego says so), but on this site? Nobody.

Which brings me to what this blog entry is really about. The few of you that will give this a chance have already stopped reading. You may think this entry is “filler” or boring, but I am just typing my thoughts as they come to me at 78 WPM. I’m really trying to find my place. Will I be the “horror guy?” I don’t think so. Many bloggers have set up shop with that title and they have been doing it longer than I have. I don’t think I will have any one topic that I follow. Sure, horror will be a mainstay, and probably take up most of the entries, but I have other interests as well.

Being a student of history, I could spend most of my time blogging about great events that have altered our world and try to use current events as a catalyst for predictions of the future based on how similar situations have gone in the past. That would bore most of you, and probably be a tedious task. Ultimately resulting in my loss of the few followers I have. No. I think I will continue to do what I have been doing so far. Opening up my Open Office text program, and typing whatever comes to mind. Some days I write two or three blog entries and save them up and release them twice a week. Other times, like this past week, I will struggle to come up with two.

I can post my thoughts on comics (The DC relaunch is a travesty and Marvel hasn’t had a good event since House of M), Doctor Who (I miss David), review a few albums, films of other genres, post lists of favorites and ask you guys to do the same, or share dream casting I have made for comic book films (my Sandman/Lucifer cast will make you pay me). I have all of those topics and more. I think I will just be the “jack of all trades” and write about anything. Speaking of which, I could even write a Bruce Campbell entry. If you understand how I connected those two sentences, you are definitely worthy of following me.

I still haven’t found myself as a blogger, but I think I have a good idea. I’ll just post what comes into my mind and you guys can read it, or ignore it. Either way, I’m good with using this blog as a way to vent my frustrations, share my ideas, and center entire posts around questions I would like my readers opinions on. I can’t guarantee what my next post will be about, but I will have a ton to say. My big move from NY to MA is next week. I hope I can make my posts on time, if I can’t I know the few of you who actually care (as if I have any “fans”) will understand. Maybe I’ll post an entry about moving in general?

If you stuck through this entire thing, I thank you. I know this was just me thinking out loud, so I’ll ask you a question. What do you want my next post to be about? Is there any topic you want to know my thoughts about? I ask because a few of you had questions after my “Is horror dead?” entry and I figured I could either open this up for a Q&A, or I could just make a post in the future answering your questions. Think of it as a Dear Abby style thing. I won’t do it often, but I can swing it if I get comments asking questions, or just messages with inquiries. Now, because I said something, no one will ask anything and I will look like an ass who is talking to himself.

Until next time…


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