The Living Dead.

Posted: 24/10/2011 in Ramblings

I don’t like looking at the vacant, deserted look blogs have when they go more than two weeks without a new post. It gives off the worrisome impression that the author has closed up shop and moved onto greener pastures. I assure you that this is not the case. If you are reading this(and you are, AREN’T YOU?!), that means you are at least feigning interest in what I have to say.

There won’t be a tale of swashbuckling, or even incarceration to offer an excuse for my absence. In actuality, the explanation is simple: my computer needed servicing. Sad, right?  The video card was going, and as a result the display was wonky at best. So, me being one day away from losing my warranty, I sent it in to be fixed. And a month later, I get my baby back and I am in fairly good spirits as a result. The fount of mildly-pornographic images is unleashed once more. I will continue to make it a point to see just how far I can take the Google image search with the safety off before I feel something.

With that bit of randomness forever out into the ether, I feel I should at least update myself on what exactly has transpired in my absence.

Things just got existential (meta) in this mother. Moving on…

So, what has changed? Aside from the new look of my blog? Well, I’m experimenting with a message board. I created it for the discussion of my passions, film (horror), comics, novels, and gaming. Check it out. I want to see if I can get a few members. If things go well,  I’ll be able to move this blog there (or at least link it) and post reviews. Speaking of which, I’m writing a review for a friend of mine as we speak. That should be up by the end of the week.

That is about it. Well, aside from the move to MA. That went well. We are settled in as much as we can be while procrastinating. Two months in and we still have a few boxes sitting in the office closet and a humiliating lack of decor on the walls. I’ve convinced myself that it is a work in progress and you can’t expect to show up with a new apartment looking full and lived in. I need to accumulate useless mess with which to infest my domicile with.

What does all this mean for me right now? Absolutely nothing. I’m still gaming, reading, and watching. Most importantly, I am listening. To my station and digging the hell out of it as I type this. If that last sentence proves anything, it is that I will continue to post randomness in a never-ending quest to seem cool. Like bow ties.


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