Assassins Review

Posted: 04/11/2011 in Ramblings

Mike Bonomo has just finished his latest short film and is currently entering it in the festival circuit. I had a chance to see it for myself earlier this week and I decided to review it for this blog. Since it’s inception I wanted to vent my frustrations, share my passions, and generally force myself upon the select few of unfortunate readers to stumble upon this site. Arguably my largest passion is film. It is only fitting that I shoehorn a few reviews in every once in a while.

Here is the trailer:

Now, before I begin, let me say that it is extremely rare that I watch short films. Usually, they come off as too much style and not enough substance. Sub-par performances accompanied by unbearably bad cinematography and loathsome editing. I clicked play as my mind screamed in revolt. What happened next was a highly enjoyable, brilliantly put together short that conveyed a concise, entertaining story. The first thing I noticed was the framing. Clean, atmospheric, and coupled with a eerily appropriate lack of score (not coming in until the credits). The story itself is essentially a beautifully performed monologue with accompanying reactions.

Nathan, portrayed by Bill Oberst Jr., is a menacing character with an aura of mystery. His delivery, composure, portrayal of the seasoned veteran shows the audience why he is such an indie favorite. Between Bonomo’s writing, and Oberst’s callous character this short film is an enjoyable treat and shows a budding talent behind the lens. This being a review, I have to point out at least one thing I wasn’t pleased with. At the risk of sounding like I’m reaching for something to hate, I have to point out this short’s one flaw. Undoubtedly doing the best he could, Vincent DiSanti’s portrayal of Walter came off clunky and amateur. I did enjoy his attempt to bring to life a clearly rattled, confused, and remorseful character. It was just a bit out of his reach at this point. From this and the other shorts I have seen so far, a bright future awaits Mr. Bonomo as long as he sticks to his gut and continues to create such riveting pieces. I eagerly await the next release.


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