Dovahkiin (Dragonborn) It’s about Skyrim…a game.

Posted: 30/11/2011 in Ramblings

I would like to apologize for the lack of blog entries that have been posted in the past month or so. Between me getting a wicked ear infection (the first in my 26 year life) and the subject of this entry being released, it has been a hectic few weeks.

So, 11/11/11 has come and gone. Some of you know what makes that date so epic. Others…not so much. Wasn’t there a movie or something that came out? It’s because the numbers are all the same, right?


Christmas, my birthday, and every good day that has ever happened to me in my life all happened (again) simultaneously on 11/11/11. Skyrim came out. Which is the next entry in a series of games called The Elder Scrolls. Now, up until this point, Oblivion (the fourth in the series) was my favorite RPG of all time. After playing Skyrim pretty much none-stop for the past two weeks, I can safely say that this game is perfect. A new favorite was crowned, and I eagerly await the DLC. You see, I have spent 140 hours on this game. 70 of which by the end of the first weekend. I am addicted. I want to buy the PC version so that I can port my character (level 57) over to play user created mods for the game. I have gotten all of the achievements and one of the first (I got it after 12 hours of gameplay) I received was for finding 100 locations. That doesn’t seem like a feat, but do me a favor and google the size of the map.

I’ll wait.

That was the size in actually miles. It’s pretty big. The game is incredibly immersive. There is no end to what you can do. Seriously. There is a radiant system in place that constantly adds new quests. Meaning that they are literally infinite. You could spend every moment of the remainder of your life playing this game and you won’t run out of quests. Wrap your head around that. As for the world? Ridiculously detailed. The game looks phenomenal. It is like deities came down and painstakingly colored each pixel on my TV. I read one person’s thoughts on the game somewhere on Facebook,

“About three hours into playing the game I started contemplating suicide. This game is so beautiful I am afraid that this is the high point in gaming as a whole and everything else will be downhill.”

That isn’t an exaggeration. Everyone is going crazy over this game. The reviews are stellar, those playing it can’t get enough, and even the people who want to hate it – well, they can’t. Sure, you can point out that it has it’s fair share of glitches, and even a few exploits that people have found, but it is a massive open-world RPG. With that much coding, you’d be an idiot to expect it not to glitch out a bit. It is a spectacular game, and as much as I loved another game that came out this year (Arkham City is the perfect Superhero game -PERIOD.), this game will win Game of the Year. It has gotten so many good reviews that if it were a movie it would have swept every award show, broken the box office, and slept with your mother AND father.

Yup. This game is so good, it killed Patrice Oneal. (He dead. Look it up, fool.)

Just look up the reviews. This is possibly the most talked about game of the past 5 years. Certainly the most well reviews of the past 3, and definitely my most anticipated game since…well…Oblivion. I may sound like a fanboy screaming an unworthy game’s praises, but no. Sorry, the world is on my side. Hell, even a little Japanese magazine called Famitsu can’t help but go crazy for this game. Skyrim was the first Western made game to get a perfect 40/40 review from them. That’s right. A non-Final Fantasy game got a perfect review in Japan. Amazing.

In all seriousness, I implore anyone sorry enough to read this blog entry to give the game a chance. To be honest, your grandmother is probably playing this game right now because it is so well reviewed. Just borrow her copy.

A word of warning, though. If you aren’t a fan of RPGs, you won’t like this. It is pretty much the perfect RPG. And if you are a fan of more linear RPGs like the ones Bioware puts out, or even the formerly great Fable series, you won’t like this either. It is truly open world, infinitely customizable, and more magical than a backstage pass at a Mexican donkey show.

I would rate it, but it broke the scale. Seriously, after 14 out of 10 it just stopped measuring and sort of spun.



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