The TV Thing

Posted: 16/04/2012 in Ramblings

How is it that “reality” programming has had a stranglehold on television over the past decade despite the majority of viewers hating it. In that time, shows like Deadwood, Firefly, Monstervision, Angel, Reaper, Arrested Development, and Drive have all been cancelled either without being given a chance, or just when they hit their stride. It shouldn’t surprise me given the state of the entertainment industry. It’s been in a downturn for the past 20 years. I shouldn’t complain, though. At least we get the few true gems every few years. I just wish there wasn’t so much trash to dig through. 

In spite of it all, I can say that I’ve added a few of the films made in the past ten years to my favorites. And right now, I have an international surplus of fantastic shows I look forward to every season. Two less now that House has all but ended and Being Human(UK) has turned into a pile of crap. Not to mention the uncertain future of Misfits. I guess I’m just howling at the world because of shows I’m nostalgic for. I truly miss the ones I’ve mentioned. 

Hell, I even miss the crappy shows like GvsE and The Invisible Man. Both were on Syfy before both the name and programming change. Oh, how I miss the vaguely, yet fondly, recollected shows if my youth. Don’t even get me started in animated shows. A long list filled with Batman TAS, Static Shock, and Batman Beyond. 

I just miss these shows and I’m tired of watching the DVD box sets every few months and wishing there were new episodes to quench my thirst. 

My rant has come to an abrupt end.


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