Posted: 17/08/2012 in Ramblings

I’ve had a few people ask me just what this blog is about. What I will write about and if I’ll venture deeper into topics I have already touched. Well, the answer is, quite simply, I don’t know. Sure, I will continue to write about comics, film, games, books, and music. I just don’t know in what order, or what particular topics that fall into those categories.

I will venture into whatever I feel like writing that particular moment. Whether it is something I want to post right away, or schedule to be published a bit later. If I want to rant about¬†something, I will write it and share it with you. I know that doesn’t seem well put together, but it is the truth. As far as my topics are concerned, there is no structure.

Now, I can promise you that you will be seeing another Batman entry soon(he has been on my mind lately). After that, I will write a couple of entries about upcoming films (comic book or not). There is a few that I wrote about games a little while back, but I haven’t gotten around to publishing them. So, try to sit tight. The type of entries you followed me for will be published. I’m just ruled by whatever grabs my attention. Hell, I just published a religious post. I have one that I am writing right now that revolves around politics, but I will hold off on that one. Why? Because I don’t write everything with an intention to post it. Sometimes, I just write down my thoughts and feelings about something. Then, after I am done, I’ll either turn it around and tweak it a bit to post it, or just let it be.

There is plenty of content on the horizon. Even if I have to start reviewing things. Hell, I haven’t touched anything horror-related for a while, and that was going to be one of the main focuses of this site. I’ll rectify that.

Stick around, you’ll read your fair share of rants and musings. Hell, you’ll read my thoughts on news articles I’ve read. You’ll get offended, you’ll be compelled to laugh. There’ll be things I write that you won’t even bother reading.

I just don’t know what they are from post to post. I don’t really have a content direction. I know where I want to go as far as the site is concerned, but as for what I put in it? Clueless. That’s the fun part. Ha.


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