Big Things!

Posted: 27/08/2012 in Ramblings

This is just an entry to notify everyone (or to keep a public record of my failures) that big changes are coming to this site. I have a few plans that are in the works right now. Let’s just say that by Halloween I should have a few awesome things for the follows I have. There will be a new look, a new domain, and most importantly, a more professional/mature aura.

Now, this is the point that I have to say thank you to those of you who are following me. I know there aren’t many of you, but there are certainly more than I expected to have. Then again, I guess anyone who opens a site can find some niche to fill. Mine just happens to be random thoughts blasted out into the void. Thanks for following. You must have seen something of value to you. I hope to entertain as things get a bit larger.

Help me justify the changes! Share your favorite blog entry of mine with your friends. If you have to, Rick-Roll them with the link. Though, don’t spam. No one likes a spammer.

Anyway, I’m going to cut this short. I just wanted to make a note of the changes and show my appreciation for the followers I never thought I’d have. Even a small amount makes you feel validated. Trust me on that.

Until next time,


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