G4TV Might Be Changing Formats?

Posted: 26/09/2012 in Ramblings

This is just going to be an open letter to people who care at all about geek/nerd/gamer culture. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Things are kind of heating up around here with school, I have less time than I’d like to just sit around writing. I will try to make at least one new entry a week. You’re willing to read it, all I have to do is show up on time. I’ll do my best to shoot for Wednesday nights, or Thursday mornings. Now, let’s continue with my Tuesday night post.  Heh.

So, G4 (the channel) is rumored to be rebranded as some Men’s Fashion channel at the end of the year. This sucks, but who hasn’t seen it coming? I mean, the shows on the channel have gone down in quality and they really only have like 3 shows that are original programs. The rest of the day is filled with reruns of Cheaters and Cops.

If they really wanted to save their asses, they would go back to the simpler format and make shows on the cheap that people would be interested in. Instead of just having ATOS, they could spawn half-hour shows that would be based on the segments. A show dedicated to the latest DVD/films releases and film news would be good. Another dedicated to gadgets (think CNET TV), and another dedicated to comics would be cool as well. They would also need to cater to women as well. Maybe have a girl-gamer show that pretty much just has chicks talking about games/DLC and other things that they like. You don’t need to spend a ton of money, either. You could just have a single camera set up and play it off like ATOS, but focused on one topic. Another idea would be to make a Around The Net like show. I know they have been done to death, but how hard would it be to just show the days top ten clips on Youtube for a half hour? These are simple solutions. You could create 5-10 of these shows They don’t even need to be daily things. They could be weekly. Hell, in the case of the comic book show, they could really only be Wednesdays (new releases and their reviews) and MAYBE Saturdays (to talk about great books from the past).

If you make these shows at least a half hour, and at most an hour, you have enough programming to keep people coming back. With the geekdom of today, you have an audience. They just aren’t interested in the Cops/Cheaters marathon you show 20 hours out of the day. Break everything up by showing the shows I’ve mentioned (daily if need be) with Ninja Warrior and then you just have to fill like 6 hours with the reruns of Cheaters/Cops. It will work. You just have to remember your roots!

– Comic Show (2x week)
– Web Video Show (5x week)
– Chick Show (2-5x week)
– DVD Show (Weds.)
– Film Review Show (2-3x Week)
– Video Game Show (X-play! 5x week)
– ATOS (5x week)
– Gadget Pr0n (5x week)
– A Horror Show (Weekly)
– Movies That Don’t Suck (3x weekly)
– Geek-Themed DIY Show (2x week)
– Music Show (5x week, show music videos, or just talk about music news)
– Marvel Anime (5x week)
-License old Spider-Man/X-men/F4/Hulk/BatmanTAS/SupermanTAS cartoons and play them (6x week)

Even if these shows are a half hour, you have at least 18.5 hours of original programming a week that you can replay daily. The rest of the time could be filled with reruns of these shows, as well as Ninja Warrior, Cops, Cheaters, and Campus PD.

You have to be lazy, or a complete idiot to not be able to save yourself. Snatch the rights to old Monstervision/Elviria/Chiller/MST3K episodes and you will have a loyal fanbase. Hell, create your own show like that that plays on Saturday nights and you have fried gold. It would be the cheapest of all the shows. Either use films that are strictly public domain, or use your parent company’s licensed films. It is easy, cheap programming.

Sorry for the rant (no I’m not). I’m just sad to see something that should be flourishing, die due to mismanagement and limp-wrists. If Comedy Central could find its footing by showing whatever they could get their hands on, you can with your 2-3 established original programs. It’s just sad to see this come to an end with the current trends. It is a moot point if the rumors are true. Which is a shame because they had the chance to do something great for people that would watch it. Instead, the network was treated like a bastard and alienated female viewers.


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