Gaming Rant

Posted: 09/10/2012 in Ramblings

Dishonored comes out today (it’s after midnight, so it is Tuesday), I have heard good things about it, so I may have to pick it up. I won’t be able to until next week, though. The game looks like a cross between a few past games. To be honest, it has the feel of Arkahm City’s style of open world, mixed with the stealth and combat of Assassin’s Creed and a pinch of Bioshock and Thief. I enjoyed the reveal trailer and have been hoping it would be as good as it looks. Apparently, it is. I’ll ask a few trustee’s opinions before I fully commit, but as of right now? I’m more than likely picking it up next week.

Speaking of games that looked good. I am enjoying Borderlands 2 immensely. Sure, I picked it up a few days after it came out, but it is just as fun if not moreso than the first. I haven’t had a ton of time to play it lately, but there will be heavy amounts playing at the tail end of this week/weekend. Oh, and I am a bit excited for BLOPS2 again. Apparently, if you have already pre-ordered it (or pre-order it this month) you get double XP the first weekend of its release. This makes me incredibly happy because it will give me and the boys something to rub in Marshall Towler’s face. He won’t really be able to play it for the first few nights of its release because he hasn’t figured out how to effectively juggle his time.

You see, he is complaining that he has work, school and a new GF. What he doesn’t realize is that it is life and you make time for what you enjoy. He also started saying that he just realized what an escape from reality games really are. Which, in my opinion, he is missing the real meaning behind that statement. I’m not about to pick on my best friend, please don’t see it that way. I am going to go into detail about my thoughts and feelings on the mentality of the statement he made. I’m not trying to debate his meaning or intent. He and I have been through big moments in our lives and could always count on the other to help get through them. I consider a man whom I have only known for 5 years (and have only met three times in person) a brother. He is undoubtedly my best friend. With that said, let me continue with why I feel he misused that semi-insulting phrase.

People don’t play it to “escape” their shitty lives. Well, I’m sure some do, but most gamers play games because it is a way for them to relax. The whole point is to escape. Why? Because that allows you to imagine greater things. Regardless of how great their lives are going, people play games to enjoy themselves. Some people drink, do drugs, party, read a book, watch a film, hike, etc. Gamers game. It is in their blood. Now, I enjoy doing everything I’ve listed except drugs and rarely do I drink, but I still enjoy a good game. It isn’t all about getting away from live. It is about enhancing it by doing what you love. I don’t play to escape the crap situation my life is in right now. If that were the case, I wouldn’t be back in school and I would be playing Borderlands 2 a hell of a lot more than I am now.

To me, games are about challenging yourself, having a good time, and living in a cool world experiencing things through the eyes of someone completely different than yourself. It isn’t an escape. It is an adventure that allows you to unwind and pass the time. And, in the case of games like WoW and Starcraft 2, games are a time machine. Heh. (I’m just busting your balls, MT) All in all, gamers aren’t looking to escape their lives, they are just doing something to have fun. They could have the greatest life and use gaming as an enhancement (like reading a book or watching a film is for others), or they could have a shitty life where they just want to forget the day and run over a few prostitutes in GTA. Neither wants to escape, they’re just looking for fun and a way to unwind.

Sorry for the receptiveness of that rant.

OH! Another game I heard something interesting about was Halo 4. I am not a fan of the Halo franchise. I have tried a few of the games out, but I haven’t really enjoyed them since the second. Anyway, something was “announced” that caught my ear. Apparently, there will be Mech Suits in Halo 4. This sounds interesting; however, I still won’t buy it. I may rent it when it comes to Redbox IF I find out that the Mech Suits are in multiplayer and not just single player. The games are really for the ADHD bunch in the gaming community. They are the FPS stereotype. They drink AMP/Mountain Dew and eat Dorritos tacos. RPGs have WoW players, Turn-based and Puzzles have Asians (HA!), and FPS have douchebag Halo 4 players (and sadly the children that play COD and genuinely ruin the gaming experience).

That is another rant I can type five-thousand words on. The children that play Call of Duty. They are directly responsible for the shitty games that were Modern Warfare 2 and 3. They have their parents buy them games meant for adults, and then they play them unsupervised. Which wouldn’t be bad if they weren’t annoying, screeching wastes of space. They are terrible at the game, and when you beat them their reaction is to either scream, whine, call you a homosexual, or tell you that they have slept with your mother. It gives me such joy sometimes when I just destroy them verbally. Usually, though, I just tell them that Xbox isn’t a babysitter and ask them politely to slap their mother for me. Then, I just mute them. Why? They repeat the same thing infinitely, screech incoherent noises, or throw out the most juvenile and tired “insults.”

I’m beginning a rant at the end of another. The problem is that this one can go on forever. I will leave it at that. Sorry about the constant reiteration and the annoyed tone of the conclusion. See ya next week.


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