Sandman Slim – A Review

Posted: 09/01/2013 in Ramblings

I was looking at my Goodreads account and I realized that I hadn’t written a review for this book when I gave it a star rating after reading it last year, er, in 2011. It is a fantastic book, and this is a decent review, so why not share it with….whomever.

Every once in a while a book comes along that unexpectedly blows you away. Not because it is a modern classic, or because it is unlike anything you have ever read before. It blows you away because it combines everything you are interested in and uses it to tell a story of the vein that you love. This is one of those books.

It’s not often that a book fits your personality and everything you love so completely. Sure, everyone can think of a list of quite a few books they can call their favorite. And this certainly makes my list, but for a different reason than the others (with the exception of American Gods). I genuinely love the topics that this book covers. Now, the language of the book (not explicit language, I’m talking about the references and such) may not be for everyone, but it is for me. Now that I am done explaining how much I like the book, let me tell you why I do, and why you should too.

Sandman Slim is the start of a brilliant series that falls into the Urban Fantasy range of books. Think of them as Harry Potter with attitude, but for adults…and about an asshole. If you don’t like Harry Potter, good. These books are nothing like them. I’m only using Potter to describe the use of magic and the feeling of connection and a fleshed out world. Confused? Don’t be. The book follows Stark, the titular character that also hates the name Sandman Slim (it’s pretty bad. Sorry, Kadrey). We meet him as he awakens in a graveyard in downton LA smelling like BBQ’s ass. He’s fresh out of Hell and looking for the the people that sent him there more than a decade prior. He has an abrasive personality, an shitty attitude, and not many friends. More like, reluctant allies. His mission is to get answers as to why he was sent down there, and how he can get back at the people who did it. There are laughs, heavy references to both the occult and classic cinema, booze, and most importantly a ton of mythical/theological creatures being quipped at and killed. If you’re into asshole’s with revenge lust, you’ll want to read Sandman Slim. The book is highly enjoyable for everything I have said, but there is also the character development of Stark as well as his whole timeline. Both what happens during the books, but also what we learn happened to him before we meet him while he was down in hell. If you like Urban Fantasy, read this. If you on’t know what Urban Fantasy is — READ THIS.


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