Man of Steel 2: Batman vs. Superman Casting Rant

Posted: 01/02/2014 in Ramblings
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Alright, so it has been a few months since Affleck has been cast as Batman. The newest trend on the net is bashing the newly announced casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth. I’m fine with both. Why? Go watch Social Network again, and then read the follow rant of mine:

I’m going to give it a chance. The age works well. I mean, he is supposed to be young in relation to Superman. Maybe we’re going to get a young, ruthless, eccentric billionaire who doesn’t do things because they are evil, but because they stimulate his curiosity and he just doesn’t have moral hang-ups? Either way, the real news here is the casting of Jeremy Irons as Alfred. That means they are going with a more Earth One style Batman which is fantastic and he is perfect for the role. Now, in a recent comic book called Earth One: Batman, they created an alternate universe where Alfred was a friend of the Wayne family and bodyguard. He has expansive training in fighting, use of firearms, and espionage. Picture a silver-haired retired James Bond being a legal guardian for Bruce Wayne. He actually curses at him and yells at Wayne for not bringing a gun with him on his first patrol. Also, this is what he looks like:




I think Jeremy Irons will be PERFECT in this role. Especially since we are dealing with a Bruce Wayne that has been Batman for over ten years at the time that this film takes place. Fans like me will finally get out seasoned, badass, world’s greatest detective, BAT-GOD. I’m also one of the few that really dig the idea of Ben Affleck as Batman. can’t wait to see Affleck in the suit. Did I mention that the people that have seen the suit have said that it is a classic suit that hasn’t been featured on film before, but the fans will be happy to finally see it on screen? That means the suit will be the grey and blue/black. The one I’m hoping for is a Jim Lee style suit with features out of Arkham City. This is Jim Lee’s work:


I hope that it will look like the Noel costume:

And then there is this cowl mock-up:

Sorry for the rant, but I’m a bit excited to finally see the Batman from the comics. A seasoned, genius-level intellect and a body that has been trained to the peak of human condition that is a master of at least ten martial arts. I know it is hard to picture Affleck as those things for most people, but Affleck is just Bruce Wayne. An aloof, charismatic, playboy billionaire. You will only see his Jaw in the suit, and the SUIT is Batman. Also, it will be great to see the white eyes FINALLY. The eye shadow always looks ridiculous. The white-eyes are both technologically possible and the traditional look of the character.

With the costume and the casting out of the way, I can only begin to think about what the film’s plot will be. I am hoping that it revolves around the creation of Metallo and reverse engineered Kryptonian weapons. Think about it:

Imagine Batman investigating the use of strange new alien weapons popping up in Gotham. He goes to the only person that could be responsible, Oswald Cobblepot. Batman finds out that Penguin is selling these new weapons out of his nightclub (which is a front to his black market, and other criminal activities), and instead of confronting him, decides to follow him to find out the source of these weapons. One night, he sees Mercy (comic book fans know who she is)–a well dressed woman–meeting with him about another shipment in the near future. Penguin is agitated demands to speak with her boss. This leads Batman to follow her back to Metropolis, but loses her in the city that is now in shambles. The construction sites and the unfamiliarity with the city causes him to go back to Gotham and he takes apart a confiscated weapon in the cave. He learns that one of the components is made by Lex Corp. Of course, Wayne Enterprises is part of the relief effort to help the displaced population of Metropolis and help with the reconstruction, so there is no problem in getting access to the other leading corporation involved in the relief effort. He uses Bruce Wayne’s connections to schedule a press conference to announce a non-existent meeting with the impossible to connect with the Lex Corp. CEO. Under the guise of cooperation Bruce is surprised to be greeted onstage, mid conference, by none other than the  Lex Luthor (who hates to waste an opportunity for free press). This leads to them going into the newly renovated and expanded Lex Tower. While discussing the possibility of a united effort a familiar, well-dressed, woman comes into the room. Lex introduces Mercy– his personal assistant. This causes Bruce to don his cowl later that night to investigate Lex Corp after hours. What he discovers is that Lex has been cleaning up the streets of Metropolis and taking any Kryptonian tech he has come across and making weapons and selling them on the black market. To make matters worse, he is contracted by the US Government to head up Project Metallo. The files state that, in an effort to combat the newly revealed Superman, the government is trying to create their own “Superman” to take down Clark if the need were to ever arise. There have been a surplus of willing test subjects, almost all are the soldier’s that were injured during the battles in Man of Steel. The result are a series of Iron Man-esq suits being created and implemented for testing by Lex Corp’s scientists. The problem being that they are missing a viable power source. To combat this, Lex has personally overseen the most ambitious, and grotesque of these experiments. A solider has been grafted to Alien technology and given a heart made from an ultra irradiated crystal found in the rubble. It is harmless to humans (except for the hair loss it causes), but is more than powerful enough to power the cyborg creature that Lex has created. Upon leaving Lex Corp., Batman is flying the Batwing back to Gotham when his jet is stopped in mid-air and landed beyond his control. The cockpit’s door is ripped off and we see a dark figure with lowing red eyes. It is revealed to be Superman and what we are treated to is the first meeting between these two heroes. It is filled with quips about the boy scout owing Batman a jet, and Superman asking why Batman is playing dress-up in a costume. Superman can ask why Batman is trying to immitate him. To which Batman can say that he has worked in the shadows of Gotham for nearly a decade now. The film could show them coming to a stalemate as military and police attempt to arrest them both for property damage. Batman will go back to the cave and start investigating both Lex and Superman, and the film could have them both team up against Lex. Penguin could be involved as an arms dealer and the man supplying the manpower for Lex’s shadier dealings and we can have Batman and Superman going after Lex. We have the villain for Bruce Wayne and Batman in Lex and Penguin respectively. Bruce Wayne can reveal Lex’s dealings to the world while Batman takes out Penguin and when Both Bats and Supes show up to take out Lex you can use the real threat of Metallo to give Superman a villain that matches his strength and toughness , while giving Batman a villain in Lex with the reveal of a super-suit that he created from Kryptonian tech. He has secretly been perfecting it with the help of the US Government’s funding and test subjects(of course the suit is purple and green, as a nod to the comics). The final battle could take place just outside of Metropolis, where Lex’s secret lab was stationed. A little place called Central City. The battle and devastation leads to Lex being taken into custody and labeled a threat to national security, Batman revealed to the world as a real hero, not just the Gotham urban legend, and most importantly, two other heroes. First, the battle causes a Central City forensics officer to be covered in lab chemicals and electrocuted by an exploding power line in the building he works. This would cause the cinematic origin of Barry Allen’s Flash. We can also see a mysterious woman arriving in America both claiming to be a diplomat, and offering the aid of her home land Themyscira. 

This would tie in two DC characters at the end, while also explaining how Batman is able to be at least 10 years older and seasoned by the time Superman comes into being. I think having the battle create The Flash and Diana (Wonder Woman) showing up as foreign aid would expand the cinematic universe in time for the Justice League film wile also focussing on the titular characters and not making the film too convoluted. It could work. The question is, how well is Snyder going to handle the WB trying to have final say over everything and ultimately ruining the film by turning into another Green Lantern?

I guess we’ll see. 


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