About Me


Born illiterate and without the capacity for forgiveness, Steven Williams arose from a  broken educational system to become the national treasure you hold in your hearts today.

In all seriousness, I’m a perspicacious, eccentric, slightly pensive, twenty-something male. A bit jaded with a passion for horror films, comics, music, and gaming, and a good book. I’m currently pursuing my degree in history. I’m also a bit of a geek. I’m not religious per-se, but I do enjoy the occasional theological debate. My political views are slightly Libertarian, but without the crazy. Somewhat Democratic, but without the tree-hugging PETA sing-a-longs. And roughly Republican, but without the desire to take an individuals rights away (gay marriage, abortion, equal rights in general).

This blog is mostly my views on my surroundings. What enters my sphere of influence. It will mostly be about horror/film in general, comics, gaming, things that happen in my life and the occasional response to a world event. Mostly, I am just trying to get stray thoughts out of my head; however, my aim is to entertain.


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