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With Netflix’s Marvel deal coming together nicely, I decided to write an entry talking about what I would like to see in the four 13 episode individual stories, and one 13 episode Defenders series. Which, to be honest should either be called Heroes for Hire, or Marvel Knights

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Charlie Cox has officially been announced as the blind, super-powered ginge, Matt Murdock. To be honest, this is better casting that I was expecting. Then again, it is a Marvel series on Netflix. So far, Netflix had only had one werewolf themed dud in its original series. That aside, Charlie was fantastic on Boardwalk Empire, and he was charming as hell in the criminally underrated adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. I feel that he will do the character justice (pun, ha). With this announcement came another reveal–the show will take place in a modern setting that showcases the street level heroics of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This means that we will be seeing a gritty world of heroes that work in the shadows cast by the larger-than-life heroes. Wife the Alien attack on NYC, this means we will more than likely see augmented foes in a post-Avengers New York. There couldn’t be four people better suited for this than the Heroes for Hire…erm…and Daredevil.

Now, if you have read my treatment for the upcoming Batman/Superman film, you’re familiar with the whole corporate villain (Luthor) snatching up and expirementing with Alien tech and secretly selling some of it to the highest bidder (outside of the US Government). The story for this world could be similar. We could have Wilson Fisk (Kingpin…SPOILERS) doing the same. He could be stealing the tech and creating weapons, or augmentations and using them to secure the city for himself. This would be a nice way to reintroduce both Fisk and Murdock. Now, if we really want to get crazy, we can have the other Hero’s villains be working with Fisk. Each could be responsible for a Borough while Fisk sits on his throne in Manhattan. I’m thinking Purple Man (Bronx), Leland Owlsley(Brooklyn), the Enforcers (as Fisk’s go-between for each of his generals), Constrictor(Queens), and Crusher Creel (Staten Island–too small to screw up). This would set up a nice reveal at the end of Jessica Jones (give her The Enforcers as a lead to Owlsley, who in-turn gives up Fisk). I would love to see each of the heroes show up in other’s series. Jessica and Luke would flirt (Obviously, they’re married in the comics), Luke is best friends with Danny Rand. Hell, the only person that shouldn’t show up in any significant way (other than being talked about) is Daredevil. The Lawyer Matt Murdock should know Jessica, but that’s it. 

We would need origins to be shown. Obviously, we all know Daredevil’s origin. We can show it in the first episode (the same with Jessica’s). Luke’s should be a major arc in his story. Have him shown as a troublesome, but good man in the first episode, his arrest at the end, trial and sentencing with flashbacks to his childhood in the second, and have the third and fourth deal with his time in prison and his offer being made at the end of the fourth. The fifth could be spent in a dream state reliving moments from his youth and at the end, he wakes up, and at first, no sign of powers. He gets his sentence shortened to a few months and he is let out. Then, a few weeks pass and he starts experiencing busts of strength and invulnerability. The last 5 episodes could be him coming to terms with it and chasing down Purple Man after he forces a kid Luke knows to kill someone or something. 

The most interesting should be Danny Rand’s. I was thinking about maybe showing it in flashbacks throughout the first 5 episodes, but I think it should be shown as a linear story that jumps forward by five years to present day around the sixth episode. They should take his story straight from Brubaker’s amazing Immortal Iron Fist from ’06-’09. The story is so rich and perfect that you can make the ENTIRE series about that. Hell, if you want, you can use Brubaker’s run from Daredevil. Marvel should just adapt EVERYTHING that Brubaker has done. The Winter Soldier made a ton of cash for them and that was a Brubaker creation. 

Now that we have seen the direction they are going with these Netflix shows, we can rest a bit easy knowing that the stories will at least be interesting. I just hope this bit of fantastic casting wasn’t a fluke and we get terrible actors for everyone else. I’m hoping for the best, and expecting to be surprised. Oh, and one more thing! If we wind up getting Bullseye rebooted as well, I hope they give us the homicidal maniac from the comics. It isn’t catering to any demographic or ratings board, it is a TV show on a paid service. As long as Disney has the balls to trust them with their properties, we have a chance of seeing some great ART. They seem to have hit the nail on the head with all-but-voice casting(poor Rocket) with Guardians of the Galaxy (they even have Nowhere in the trailer). These should be a great little ride into the darker part of the Marvel Universe.